Because we are a food outpost able to accept deliveries, we have complied a list of essentials people may need. They are available for purchase and pickup at the restaurant. Please call (306)652-1505 during regular business hours to place your order. If you are unable to leave your home please let us know and we may be able to deliver during certain circumstances.

$10 Be Magic Haskap Jam
$10 Be Magic Haskap Mustard
$17 Be Magic Teas Blends (High, Fruity, Green, Floral, Woodsy)
$12 1 Litre of Venn Coffee (Whole bean or ground for drip)
$3 Pop (Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Club Soda, Tonic)

$8 1 Litre Half and Half
$11 Eighteen Eggs
$15 250g White Cheddar
$8 Lb Unsalted Butter

$7 3lb Jasmine Rice
$6 2 kg Sugar
$10 5lb Organic unbleached Flour
$8 500g Peanut Butter
$3 160g Can Canned Tuna
$4 250ml Tomato Paste
$12 4L Cans of Tomatoes
$10 1.36 kg Box of Kosher Salt
$6/kg Dried Pinto Beans

$9 1 Lb Rainbow Carrots
$2 Single Yellow Onion
$2 Single Head of Garlic
$8 1 lb Broccoli Florette
$1.50 Valencia Orange
$2 Blood orange
$5 Bag of Mixed greens
$3 1 Lb Bananas
$7 5lb Yukon Gold Potatoes
$16 5lb Pink Lady Apples
$1 Lime
$1 Lemon

$10 Dozen Frozen Pierogies
Pineview Farms Chicken Breast
Pineview Farms Ground Beef
Pineview Farms Bacon

$10 Black Dish Gloves
$5 1 Litre Lemon Scented Bulk Dish Soap
$15 Fraser Fir Dish Soap
$17 Fraser Fir All Purpose Cleaner
$8 Six Pack Bees Wax Tea Light Candles
$8 Six Pack Toilet Paper
$15 Incense
$24 Small Egyptian Magic
$42 Large Egyptian Magic